Yes, But: Talented Artist Creates A Comic Series To Show That Everything Has A Flip Side

By Val N March 13, 2024

Anton Gudim is a talented artist who can draw just about anything. Lucky for us, he is a firm believer in the popular saying, “It’s all about perspective,” so he created an entire series around that. In it, he has a collection of life scenarios that prove that everything has a flip side. Today, we’ve selected a few of those to feature here. Most of them are so simple and commonplace that we’re certain you’ll relate heavily.

Courtesy of _yes_but/Instagram

For example, he has a collage that depicts a guy getting his temperature taken. This was a very common practice during the dreaded lockdown years, as businesses and institutions did everything to ensure that everyone was safe.

The reading says 98.6 degrees, which is fine. The catch, however, is that the artist drew the same guy, but this time, someone was pointing the thermogun at his heart. And what do you know, the reading was a measly -30 degrees! He’s got an icebox where his heart used to be. IYKYK!

Next up, we have yet another relatable scenario. This one features a woman in a gorgeous pair of heels. There’s nothing as precious in a woman’s closet as her favorite pair of heels. Sometimes, it feels like it’s the answer to all her problems. A basic outfit of the day can be elevated just by popping them on.

However, if you know anything about wearing heels, you know that they can be downright unforgiving to your feet, especially when they are new. So, if you see a woman with peculiar bruises right above her heel or around her toes, just know that she has a new pair of heels!

To conclude our list of flip-side scenarios, we have another scene starring a guy wearing a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Once you get your hands on these, best believe you are never leaving the house without them! Sadly, we often forget to charge them up until the last minute when we need to dash out.

For most of us, these earbuds have more uses than just allowing us to listen to music and podcasts in public. They also make us look cool and help us to ignore people we’d rather avoid in public! As such, though some people may deny it, we have all left the house wearing them even though there’s no music playing.

Courtesy of _yes_but/Instagram

See? Anton is onto something here. Thanks to him, we feel called out, but also like we are not alone. His honesty and ability to hold a mirror to our lives is refreshing. In that spirit, what other scenarios do you think would fit here?