45 Wholesome Cat Illustrations That Give A Serotonin Boost

By Jana I

Luís Coelho is a famous Portuguese illustrator who dedicates his life to digital art and has touched the hearts of many. He loves portraying everyday struggles and thoughts through cat illustrations. He has an Instagram account (@purr.in.ink) with over 250k followers. Many people love and admire his work because it makes them feel good and comfortable in a world where productivity is pushed down everybody’s throats. Sometimes social stigmas and expectations become overbearing. That’s when an artist like Coelho does his magic. Visiting his page made us feel all kinds of cozy and accepted. Today, we will share 45 of our favorite cartoons from his Instagram page. If you are interested (and love cats dearly and deeply), keep on scrolling.

Fair Trade

Being in a companionship with a cat is not a simple task. It’s not as naive as you might think. To get all the benefits from a cat, you have to do your work forehand. You have to give it proper nutrition, love, care, and attention. Then, and only then, will a cat consider healing and loving you back!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This giant ball of warmth and goodness will help you, but only after a nice meal. In our opinion, this is a totally fair trade. Why should a cat give you something pro bono? They are not dogs, for God’s sake! Get it together, man!


If you own a cat, you know how fun it is to meow back at them. Do you ever wonder, what the hell are we saying back to them? Maybe it doesn’t even make any sense, yet they stare at us, without blinking. We wonder what goes through their heads.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This little fluffball probably has one functioning brain cell in its head. Imagine how confusing it must be hearing their human meow. The eyes, the big pupils – all of it screams bewildered and blank brain. Oh man we love cats.

What If?

The what-if questions are what keep us up at night. This kitty has an important what-if question for all the viewers and readers. Everyone speaks to their cats and dogs as if they were children. A silly voice, goofy sounds, and embarrassing love – all that!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

So, the kitty asks the audience, what if you talked to yourself the same way you speak to your cats? The world would be such a good place, with people loving themselves and cuddling themselves all the time. Isn’t that marvelous?

Step By Step

One step at the time, as they say. That’s how pets get into our lives and completely overrule them by the first few months. Especially cats. Those feline misfits know precisely how and what to do at the right time. They are sly, soft, and dangerous!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Coelho noticed this behavior and decided to make an artwork out of it. First, they take our hearts, and then they take our bed. There is no truth bigger than that. Raise your hand if you were against your cat(s) sleeping in your bed, and now you have to squeeze yourself into bed not to bother them. Us too.

Poetic Genius

Besides drawing adorable and awesome sketches, this artist loves to create short yet sweet poems. This next one has rhyme and rhythm. That’s why we decided to include it here and others you have yet to see. Here is another undeniable truth about cats:

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

I’m a little..ball of warm, but my claws..can do harm! This is such a cute depiction of kitties. It does, in fact, look small, fluffy, and harmless with those googly eyes. However, don’t be fooled so easily. Cats can turn a complete 180 on you in a heartbeat.

Cat’s Life Motto

Cats are more challenging to train than dogs, and that’s a fact. The thing is, cats just don’t care about you, what you desire or what you believe. Whereas dogs would die for you and stay loyal ’till the end. Cats would, too; they just have their dignity.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This is another short poem: sometimes..less is more, so I listen..but ignore. The truth has been spoken. Cats do ignore us. No matter how often we emphasize something they shouldn’t do, no matter how many times we yell or reprimand them, they don’t care. Meow, what, meow?

Sweet Love

Coelho sometimes includes some healthy reminders for all his followers. It’s important to share love with the world, your closest circle, and yourself. Without kindness and candidness towards yourself, you will not know how to share it properly with others.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

The kitty explains what love is, and it’s true. It’s being sweet to yourself and the world equally. If you ever feel undeserving or unkind to yourself, just remember, there is a real-life cat out there that can make you feel like that instead. Go get a cat, and love yourself more.

Couch Potato

If you are a slothful person, you are not the only one. Besides people, cats are the ultimate couch potatoes. Not only do they love lounging around and sleeping for hours on end, but they also love eating and devouring treats like there is no tomorrow.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

As seen in this example, the cat admits it is, in fact, a potato, and now it wants cheese and ham to go with it—what a spoiled little kitty. We enjoy the rhyme, the roundness of the cat itself, and the sweet poem constructed. So inspiring!

One Great Idea

When days are not going well, you should do what brings you joy. For example: pour a hot cup of coffee, run a steamy bath, read a book, go for a walk, watch your guilty pleasure movie, etc. We have another idea of what you can do.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

If you don’t have a cat, why are you denying the inevitable?! Cats are proven to make you happier and healthier. Their purring has a frequency that can even cure your bad mood by instantly making you feel better. Go to the shelter and pick an awesome buddy to spend a lifetime with!

What a Beaut!

Do you ever wonder whether cats know how freaking adorable they are?! We are sure cats have some sixth sense when charming others for their gain. The following picture talks about the privilege of being a cat and using that privilege entirely.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Oh, to be a kitty! Only eating, sleeping, and being pretty! We couldn’t agree more with the artist. He knows cats so well. Cats sleep up to 16 hours every day. Talk about getting their beauty sleep! No wonder they are so carefree.

Collateral Damage

Don’t get us started on when cats are hungry. They will make sure you know it as soon as possible. If you miss feeding time by a minute, rest assured that your cat is plotting how to get rid of you. It is undoubtedly listing all the other potential human parents that will give them snacks on time.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

They are small, right, but they do crime when not fed in time. We are living for these rhymes and short poems the artist makes. When we think of it, he is not only awesome at drawing but also a writer. Kudos to him! We are enjoying these so far. What about you?

Kitty Encouragement

Coelho’s art is there to make you lose that frown when you are feeling down! Not only does he make humorous kitty poems and jokes around, but he also makes some heart-warming, encouraging imagery, too! We found this one for you!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

The kitty thinks you look just perfect, even though you are imperfect in your own way. We all have flaws, yet we are so beautiful at the same time. We have to point to a clear overlooked opportunity on the artist’s part. To make this better, he could’ve said: I think you look purrfect…

Honest Wishes

When someone celebrates their birthday, we often wish them a happy celebration, lots of love, luck, prosperity, longevity, happiness, health, money, etc. Every year, it’s the same old speech. If there was only a way to make it more special…

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

We think this collage is a perfect little birthday card! It doesn’t only have lovely messages; it also includes a big-eyed kitten, a flower, and a nice minty color in the background. This color is trendy at the moment. This could be a sweet birthday wish if your friend’s birthday is approaching.

Watching Over You At All Times

If you have never owned a pet, like a dog or a cat, this information might disgust you or seem appalling. Pets love to keep you company when you go to the bathroom. Whether it’s to sit on the toilet or to take a shower, it doesn’t matter.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Animals do this to protect their owners. The reason is straightforward: when in nature, responding when nature calls is when an animal is at its most vulnerable state. Meaning, your pet doesn’t understand the difference and thinks that if you are doing the duty, they need to protect you in case of danger.

You Know Who’s The Boss

If you think you are the owner or the boss of your cat, you are so mistaken, friend. The following layout will show you in just a few simple words why you are not correct and why cats rule the world.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

If you don’t say goodbye or hello to your cat when leaving or coming home, do you even own a cat?! It’s so funny and entertaining how these little, fluffy beings integrated themselves so tightly into our hearts that it seems impossible not to have them by our side.

Just Some Wholesomeness

So, we can’t decide what we love more: collages of four images and a poem divided into four parts or one picture with a rhyme underneath the drawing. Both have their humor, and both are equally adorable. Which one do you prefer?

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

One kitty for you to adore is all you need, trust us! Coelho has such a unique yet simple style. What we adore about it are the color choices. Pastel colors are really in right now, and combining them with simple black drawings and handwriting – perfection!

Existential Crisis

An existential crisis is common. It happens occasionally. It is best to let it pass and continue with your life as if nothing is happening when it comes. Kitties have existential crises too! Well, at least this one does.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Although it states it has a constant inner monologue, it does look like it carries one brain cell. It seems like there is nothing behind those void eyes. This is a comedic masterpiece if you ask us. We shared it with our friend group and collectively hollered.

Insatiable Foodies

We talked about forgetting to feed your cat on time. Okay, that is on you. You lacked responsibility. Yet, what if you are very organized and punctual, but your cat still comes to you sporadically to beg for even more food?!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

We’ve found this drawing to be the most realistic of them all! This looks like a real cat sitting by its owner’s chair, meowing for more food. Cats are greedy when it comes to meals. How many times did your cat throw up due to overeating? Exactly.

Unpredictable Queen

The number one reason people don’t like cats is because they are unpredictable. That is true; cats are primarily inconsistent, meaning they won’t put up with you just because you feed them and shelter them. They will bite or scratch you if they are annoyed. And cats get annoyed easily.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Sometimes, though, cats bite out of affection and initiate play. So, it’s not always as it seems with cats. It rarely is. You have to be patient, love them unconditionally, and hope that they will love you the same one day. It’s a journey worth taking.

Do Not Worry

Cats can sense illnesses and sense bad emotions, like sadness, depression, anxiety, and anger. If you feel under the weather and your cat suddenly decides to sleep on your tummy, know that your cat is keeping you safe and loves you deeply.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Although they are not always the nicest, cats do care about us. They have their way around it, but they will wipe your tears away at the end of the day. The artist recognizes this polarity cats carry and uses his art to portray both sides.


We imagine cats would be those people that are very awkward at giving compliments. They’d either be obsessed and too intense, or they would be mean when complimenting you. There is no in-between. This one is, luckily, the first type.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

When you look in its eyes, do you understand what we mean by obsessed and too intense? Yeah, we thought so. A mean compliment would go something like this: you look alive today; did you wash your face for a change? It would help if you did that more often. Real meanie.

Heart-Warming Message

If you are feeling down or the nights give you a hard time in general, this message is for you. Lots of people struggle with dark thoughts during dark hours. This kitty is here to make you all feel better! We hope you take its message to heart.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Its purr will warm your heart. That’s a promise. What can go wrong when a wholesome kitty is purring on your stomach during cold, rainy days and nights? It appears as if a fantasy comes true to us. Coelho knows how to how to help us heal!

Tough Love

Do you prefer gentle or tough love? We think both are important for your well-being. You need gentle love to uplift you and make you feel comfortable. But, you also need tough love to make you feel strong, capable, driven, and motivated.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This is sort of a mix of the two. It’s both sweet and gentle and harsh. It has a plot twist that catches you off guard. Like cats, this message is unpredictable yet so loving and beautiful. Never forget that you are worth the love and the care.

Good Kitty Vibes

If you or your friends are feeling down, Coelho got your back. He created this cutie in this series of wholesome cats and their messages. It is there to remind you how important it is to smile today. Be grateful and count your blessings each morning.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Even though it might seem like no one cares about you or wonders what you’ve been up to – that’s not true! Never forget that life is too fast; people have jobs, school, families, and priorities. You must be your own number one priority, too! Let’s go, friends! Chin up!

Sharing is Caring, Human

Never forget what we said: cats will slowly infiltrate into your life, into your bed, and now into your plates, too. The food you eat will become your cat’s food, especially if you give them a piece here and there. Rookie mistake, dear friend.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

The rhyme, poem, and style are something we discussed and continue to love with this collage too. But, what we love most about this is the kitty and its one tooth sticking out of its mouth. It’s so silly and funny. We adore it!

Kitty Whisperer, Or is It?!

When did we collectively decide to call cats with the pspspsps sound? Apparently, this sound is an onomatopoeia, and it resembles many sounds in nature that cats are drawn to, like rustling leaves or tiny mouse claws scratching the ground.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This is another critical thinker of a cat! We love to see more of them, Coelho; we hope you have some coming. This one is deeming humans as purely unintelligent beings of dumb luck. Silly people don’t even know what they are pspspsing to!

The Truth Has Been Spoken

The best feeling in the world is waking up on a day off and lying in your bed doing absolutely nothing of importance. That is your day to sleep in, surf the web for hours, go out and walk without a purpose, play with your pets all day, etc.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This cat speaks true wisdom. We couldn’t agree more. This is especially for the working week, when you wake up feeling awful, still tired, the bed is warm, yet the morning breeze is sharply cold. All you want to do is stay in, alas. Capitalism.

You Sure?

Children have the most obscure questions. That’s because they are blatantly honest and direct. For example, “Mom, why does aunt Carol have a mustache like Granpa Stephen?” This is just one of those questions. We figure cats would have them, too, if they could speak.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This is equivalent to a question from a child: “Do you have any games on your phone?! Are you sure?!” They are so innocent yet so demanding. No, we don’t have any games. And no, we don’t want to smell anything, either! Jeez.


When we talk about depression or sadness, we do so in a feel-good, light manner. Our goal is not to burden anyone or make their days blue. Yet, we have to remind you not to swap any other form of medication for antidepressants.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Now that we got that out of the way look how cute this kitty is! Damn it! Just when we thought we didn’t need any more kittens in our lives. Pets do make everything slightly better, though. That’s why service animals exist.

Sir, Yes, Sir!

Do you ever feel like you are listening and tuning in to your cat’s needs, not the other way around? Cause same. It’s giving Cinderella vibes. Yet, when you pet a cat, you feel the worry seeping out of you as if the cat is absorbing it somehow.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

So, although we are like servants to our cats, all the work we do for them prevents us from thinking or overthinking about other pressing matters in our lives. Just focus on a ball of fur, and you’ll be okay, no matter what occurs. We tried, okay.

Casual Tuesday

Are you addicted to carbs and dairy? Because us too, best friend! We can’t imagine our life without sour bread, cream cheese, and old cheddar. What would life be without those wonderful gifts of nature? Boring, that’s what. Bland, also.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

That food especially hits the spot when you don’t feel as well as usual. Mac and cheese, lasagna, warm, homemade bread with butter and jam – that’s our jam right there! (Pun fully intended.) This kitty knows what’s up and its creator, too. Good one, Coelho!

Happy Chemicals

We wonder how we haven’t convinced you to get a cat at this point. We’ve done a great job convincing ourselves, though…All jokes aside, we do believe cats, or pets in general, spike some of your happiness hormones. True story!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Look at this little guy. He is aware that he is a little criminal. A deviant mind indeed. Yet, he promises happy chemicals if you are near his purrs. We are getting cheerful and excited just by thinking about a lovely cat purr, let alone sensing it!


As we discussed many times before, you deserve a good self-care day. A day reserved only for yourself and your peace. Choose a day to reflect on your life at the moment, to replenish your body and recharge mentally and emotionally.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Coelho has a good idea, and we know what might help you achieve that goal. Pet as many cats as you can! Treat yourself to a day filled with cuddles and purrs. How can that do you any wrong on a self-care day? It can’t! Enjoy this cat-filled world to the fullest!

think otherwise.

No Thought, No Worry, Only Meow Meow

A famous writer once said: “The Past is always Tense, the Future Perfect.” We should all strive to enjoy the moment and be present in our lives as it’s unfolding. Thinking about the past is only creating an unnecessary burden, and idealizing the future will get us nowhere.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This cat said it well: in the here, in the now, no worries, only meow. It reminds us of that meme of a girl looking super cute yet bewildered that says no thoughts, just mew mew. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, google it. It’s adorable.

Hopeful Kitty

If cats could be optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic, which one do you believe they’d be? We vote for realistic. Dogs are definitely the optimists. Cats are either pessimists or realists. However, in an ideal world of art, Coelho made them hopeful.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This little cat is a true believer. One day, it says, love will rule the world. We surely hope so, young one. Love is the most beautiful force of nature. Something inexplicable, yet so beautiful and necessary. Almost like water and air.

An Important Message

You can use this blog post, or Coelho’s Instagram page, as your daily affirmations. Both are so full of positive energy and wonderful messages our hearts are melting. The following picture is just as impressive as all the other ones.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Sometimes, all you need is just love. As we insinuated beforehand, love is a force that drives all living beings. Love is energy, and energy is unbreakable yet interchangeable and adaptable. Love a cat, and you’ll teach yourself resilience, perfectionism, and responsibility.

A Price We’re Willing To Pay

Getting you a pet is not always wholesome and fantastic. It does have its downsides, too. You are constantly worrying about their health, and if they sneeze or sleep for longer, you’ll instantly overthink why, etc. This cat said it all:

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

We realized it’s like having a child. They are your responsibility; you are their guardian, owner, and parent. The cat clearly states: I give joy, but also stress. That is the price for happiness. It’s a high price to pay, but one we are willing to meet.


Do you believe cats have special powers? There must be a reason they were so highly worshiped back in Egypt. They loved feline creatures. They were like deities there. Okay, sure, they were catching mice, rats, and other animals. But, come on, they had to have magical abilities, right?

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

For example, we are convinced cats can somewhat alter your opinions and memory. They’d meow so loudly and convince you that you had not fed them an hour ago. They will do anything in their (super)power to get fed again.

Blessing Your Day

One of the most annoying things about being a cat owner is dealing with their fur all over your clothes and furniture. If you own a long-haired beauty, you my friend, are in a pickle. Hairs will be everywhere. All over your carpets, floors, shirts, and even underwear.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

If you are not ready for that kind of commitment and brushing your cat regularly, do not even buy/adopt it. Grooming is a serious matter and should be taken as such. Like dogs, cats’ hair can get knots and cause them to overheat. Take care of your pets!

Short, Yet Sweet

The artist behind the Instagram page purr.in.ink always has a treat for us. You’ve seen collages, poems, and rhymes, yet you still haven’t seen just a simple picture, or a drawing, with one word that describes it. This one takes the cake!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This is a mood. And that’s on periodt! Where did this lingo come from? We don’t know, don’t look at us! But, seriously, this kitty is a whole new level of moodness. Lying down, eyes wide, tummy filled with tuna and chicken, no negative thoughts in sight, no worry, just vibes.

Existential Dread, Meow?!

Would you feel better going through existential dread if you knew this cute kitten was going through it as well? We will present one of the last pictures in this article (yes, it went by so quickly.) As they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

If you are having a tough day, just tell yourself: I am cute, and when this passes, I’ll remain cute. That’s all that matters! At least that’s the message we are getting here… You are still adorable at your darkest, or at your weakest, just like this kitty.


Cats don’t like their bellies being touched as much as dogs do. Well, some of them like it. Yet, others despise it. It’s a 50-50 chance you’ll stumble upon one or the other. If a cat likes it, odds are it will lie on its back and expose its tummy by itself.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Although it might enjoy belly rubs, that doesn’t mean you can do it for hours on end. No, no, no, friend, have we not taught you anything here?! You can do it for half a minute, to a minute top. After that, you’ll be bitten or scratched. Mark our words.

A Powerful Team

We are leaving one of the best for last. In this drawing/art, Coelho presented all his cats (meaning the cat characters he uses in his artwork) in one. There is the existential crisis cat, the obsessive cat, the cute cat, the I’ve seen it all cat, the hungry cat, etc.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

This is a reminder for all of you that if the world is not treating you right, Coelho’s cats are always a few clicks away from making you feel better. These drawings, collages, and poems affected our mood positively. We are in love with these black, furry monsters.

Last, But Not Least

Writing this blog post has blessed our day with the most fantastic cat content. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. The last picture we’ll show you is different and more simple than the others. It conveys a simple message everyone will understand.

Image Courtesy of purr.in.ink / Instagram

Here is a flower for you, our dear reader. We are happy to have an audience that follows and reads our content. We are happy to share the wonderful, positive message the artist Coelho posts on his Instagram page. Take the flower, and remember you are your own sunshine, now and forever.