Art Imitates Life: 40+ Funny Cat Comics That Any Cat Owner Can Relate To

By Jana I

Whether you own a cat or not, you are probably aware that living with one can be pretty interesting. We are not saying it’s easy or difficult—it’s just an experience. At times it can be horrible, but often it can be amazing. In most cases, it’s both at the same time. If you are wondering how that is possible, well then, you will learn a lot from this article.

Lingvistov is an artist that creates comics dedicated to showing what life is really like with a cat. He has quite the following, with over 400k followers on Instagram, enjoying and engaging with his content. It’s cute, funny, and witty. Stay with us as we scroll through some images that truly show a typical cat owner’s life.

Tip Toe

No, this man is not a ballerina, nor does he want to become one. This man simply loves his cat more than life itself. The cat is not comfy enough, and it slides down the man’s legs, so what is the next logical step?

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

No! It’s not to put the cat down. It is to raise your legs so that the cat can lie down and take a nap comfortably. You can’t move and must stay put for at least an hour. Good luck with that calf burn, buddy.


If you dream of peace, quiet and alone time but you own a cat, we would recommend that you forget about that for as long as that furry friend is still in your life. Cats are more similar to dogs than people think.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Not only are they loyal and devoted to their human, but they love to follow you around and get included in whatever you are doing at the moment. They don’t want to feel excluded because they love you and want your undivided attention.


Cats have their own image of how they look, especially when it comes to their size and threatening stance. When you see a kitten trying to be all fierce, mighty and tenacious, you might think that it is just too adorable.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

However, all that the kitten is thinking is: back off! “i is”I am fierce, I am strong, I will hurt you!” Although we know that is far from the truth, it would be best for the bigger cat to back off and not hurt the little guy’s feelings.


Cats don’t ask for your attention; they demand it. They will continue to meow, and meow, and MEOW, until you give them what they want. That can be food, cuddles, pets, their favorite toy, or a game of tag. Cats love to play tag.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

If you haven’t played tag with your cat yet, it is about time to start it. You could also try out hide & seek. Our cats love it! So, we completely understand why this woman wakes up in such a state. It’s all good until the claws come out to wake her up…

Nap Master

If there is something cats love to do, it is sleeping and napping. Cats love their nap time, just like infants do. They sleep, wake up every couple of hours to eat, go to the toilet or bother you, and then, they are straight asleep again.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

This cat is sleeping like it doesn’t have a care in the world! It looks so comfy and unbothered—we wish we could achieve that level of relaxation and chill. Our favorite is the first square. When a cat exposes its belly, that means it trusts you. So cute.

Hunter Mode On

Cats seem to have special modes that they turn on in certain situations. For example, when they see a laser, their hunter mode turns on instantly, or when they get out of the litter box, they turn on the Formula 1 mode and start sprinting like crazy.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

This just reminded us to get a new laser for our cats. Hopefully, this will keep the little terrors away from any decorative fairy lights or prized ornaments. If the laser does its job, we won’t have to clean up any messes.

Sounds Familiar

Crashing, thumping, falling, and breaking sounds sound a bit too familiar to all cat owners. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon; if you hear a noise, you don’t like or recognize, you will get up immediately to investigate.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

The unexpected situation in the comic can stop your heart when it happens at 5 in the morning. Perhaps the cat wanted to see what was hiding in there and jumped on the clothes rack. Unfortunately, the cat was too clumsy to balance, and it all came crashing down.

Mad Cat

Cats can get fussy and mad, just like toddlers. They turn their backs to you and stare at the corner with their ears pointed backward. This means war, and this means you hurt the little one’s feelings. Take a look:

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

The chonk is so upset. What we would do is grab the sweet kitty, squeeze it in the tightest hug ever, and kiss the angry little nose. We will probably get injured in the process. How could we resist, though?!

Hidden Treasure

Cats are masters of touching our things. They also love hiding our stuff by playing with it or simply lying on them and concealing them that way. Don’t get us started on how many times we thought our chargers were lost…

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

This kind little calico cat laid itself on top of the man’s earbuds, wristwatch, pencil, and some other things. The cat doesn’t seem to mind how uncomfortable it must be to sit in that position. Cats will do anything to lie on top of something that has the scent of their owner. Adorbs!

The Famous Move

One of our favorite things about cats is when they do the thing with their leg while grooming! They put it high up in the air as if they are dancing or doing some gymnastics. It is so adorable to watch.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

However, your desire to squeeze on that poor mitten is not the cat’s problem. It should not have to deal with your shenanigans. The look on that cat’s face is the best thing ever. It is so done with its owner’s nonsense.

Attention, Please!

Cats have their own ways of getting attention. It can be doing something cute, like rubbing their heads on your legs, lying on their backs and twisting and turning and purring—or it can be vomiting on the carpet. Depends on the day.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

This cat has some conventional ways of crying out for attention. Our favorite must be the biting of cables and cords; yeah, so cute. Or when they make you almost fall and break your neck because you don’t want to step on them. Our favorite!


Cats love having consistent daily habits. For example, they like when you give them breakfast, lunch, and dinner regularly and when you play with them at the allotted time, and they love to snooze as soon as you wake up but create havoc while you sleep.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

However, there is nothing quite as difficult and heartbreaking as seeing your kitty cat bored out of its mind. Cats need daily, frequent stimulation, or they can get quite anxious or even depressed. Remember to give your feline companion a lot of love and attention.

Our Greatest Fear

Doing the groceries can be stressful for more reasons than one. If you have a cat at home, it will gladly wait for the opportunity for you to come back and then sneak through the front door while you are getting the bags in.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

That is exactly what this misfit did as soon as the woman came back home. Imagine the stress and anxiety. Now, the poor woman has to run with her hands full of grocery bags and chase the cat. Cats being cats.

Cat Choices

One of the most annoying parts of being a cat parent is going above and beyond to make your cats happy and give them whatever you can, and then, them choosing not to indulge in what you buy them but rather use your stuff.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Look at this man buying and building a floating bed for his lovely feline pet—just for it to continue sleeping on the armchair. Cats are ungrateful little buggers, but we still love them to bits. It can sleep on our heads as far as we’re concerned.

Slow Blinking

There is no cuter and sweeter feeling than waking up in the middle of the night and going to the toilet and your cat slowly following you, strutting and blinking as if you are an inconvenience for having to go pee.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Like, we don’t remember asking you to come? Even so, it’s adorable! The way they wake up and squint in the light trying to get used to it, their whiskers all over the place, their hairs stuck to their cheek from sleeping…ugh, irresistible!

Sleepy Buddies

One of the best things about having a cat is sleeping with them and letting them cuddle in your bed. They keep you warm, purr at your feet, and soothe you. They say cats are healers, and we choose to believe that. It’s so cozy!

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

When a cat wakes you up in the middle of the night just to sneak underneath your sheets and continue sleeping there, we swear there is no sweeter feeling than that. They are our little babies that need love, closeness, and attention. Give it to them!


Most cats love food! It is their jam. However, there are some that are more gluttonous than others. They simply can’t wait to get their portion, so they start eating midair as you are pouring the food into their bowl.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

One way to solve this is to take the bowl and put it on the kitchen counter or somewhere your cat can’t access it. Then you can pour it and put it down for them to eat. This will either teach them patience or could lead them to get rid of you. Be careful.

Sightseeing Gone Right!

We can 100% relate to this person! We go somewhere and do some sightseeing, but if we spy a cat, we are going to stop and give it more attention than we would the Eiffel Tower. And we are not exaggerating!

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

How can you pass by it and not give it a stroke, or two—or twenty-two, for that matter. This lovely stray kitty just needs love and care, and we have no issues giving it to them! This artist really understands the mind of a cat lover!

Touch the Belly

Sometimes, cats are kind enough to let you touch their belly and rub it. They will reward you with purrs and head bumps, but that is about it. When it’s done with this, it will bite you, scratch you or run away. They are unpredictable; get used to it.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Look at this cat! Look how cute it is. We are melting! If someone says they don’t like cats, we are just going to forward them Lingvistov’s Instagram account and art. How can someone not like this?! It’s super adorable.

We’re Carrying Your Love With Us…

One of the annoying things about owning a soft, fluffy, furry, perfect creature is its hairs being stuck on each and every piece of clothing you own. You are literally carrying your love for this cat everywhere you go. It’s terrible.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Imagine what is in your lungs if this is on your clothes and all over your home. We can only hope it’s not as bad. We are going to start spitting out hairballs at this point. But, we have to say, it’s all worth it.


Practicing mindfulness and gratitude is one of the best skills one can learn. If you are grateful for what you have, you will always find a reason to be pleased, satisfied, and happy with your life. We all understand that concept, right?

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

However, sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of that and become super ungrateful and pessimistic. We think this guy caught himself doing that. He then quickly thought of what his life would look like without a ginger cat and felt instant relief and gratitude. Beautiful!


Playing games with your cat is the best thing ever! It’s even better if a cat is aware of the rules and the game you are playing. And don’t think that’s impossible! Cats know the rules really well—they just sometimes pretend like they don’t.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

The reason they pretend is that they can’t be bothered and would rather do something else, like sleep. This is one of those mindless, stupid games we play. Put your hand on its paw, then the cat reverses it, takes the paw out, and puts it on your hand. It’s fun bonding time!

Ma’am, Respectfully, Go Away

You know those people that can not take a hint—the most annoying kind. They are out there being annoying, bothering animals, and not respecting the animal’s boundaries. It is what we hate the most! Just take a look at this scenario:

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

No, it’s not a cute little cat, and it doesn’t want to be petted and bothered. Lady, respectfully, don’t touch it. At least consult with the owner whether the cat is anxious and likes strangers or not! This is inappropriate. Poor kitty didn’t deserve this!

Personal Audience

Our cats are our biggest fans! You don’t believe us?! This comic art should be enough to prove our point. The artist Lingvistov gets us. He knows every cat lover’s thoughts, dreams, and embarrassing moments. He is just that good!

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Sure, other people perform in front of a mirror, but us, nuh-uh! We do it for our biggest fans—our cats! They appreciate it so much. Trust us, they are not bored. Why would you think that? Oh, it left the room; well, maybe it’s not in the mood! It certainly isn’t sick of us!

Catfinity Scarf

We are super proud of this new word we came up with: catfinity scarf! If it exists somewhere online already, then don’t rain on our parade; let us have this one! We will now show you a comic that inspired the name.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

We already talked about the clinginess of cats, and how sweet, yet annoying, it can be. Although we see more pros than cons of owning a cat, carrying your cat as a scarf around your neck is one of the pros if you ask us!

Fur-Covered Everything

We already touched upon this topic a few posts earlier; however, this comic made us realize how quickly a cat’s fur and hair can take over your life—especially if it’s a long-haired breed. Yes, super soft and cuddly, but super hairy, too.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Cats are slowly but surely, taking over our whole lives when you think of it. You love it, and you don’t want to prohibit it from going on your chair, but then, a few days later, you have a fluffy, furry chair. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Two-Faced Cutie-Pie

Cats are two-faced, but who can blame them?! People are, too! They just mimic our behavior. It’s not their fault. (Nothing is their fault if you ask us. They are saints, sinless creatures devoid of evil. Thank you very much!)

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Cats are the sweetest little creatures when they are hungry. When they get food, though, they turn into the vilest, evil demons that run away as soon as you want to cuddle them. Wow, our feelings are a bit hurt; not gonna lie. We still love them, though. The epitome of a toxic relationship.


Remember when we said cats are kind of unpredictable? Yeah, well, this is what we were talking about. This artist knows his stuff. We are even questioning whether he is a cat himself, disguised as a human to further manipulate our kind…

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Let’s leave the conspiracy theories for now and focus on the topic, which is cats being unpredictable, and proof that supports said claim. If a cat ever did this to you, it just goes to show we are right. Pet me, pet me, yes, here, and then, bite! Back off! Hiss!

Kitty-Cat Eyes

We all know the term “puppy-dog eyes.” However, have you heard of kitty-cat eyes?! They are similar but way more effective, special and rare if you ask us. If a cat gives you the kitty-cat eyes, you ought to do as they say, or else!

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

How can you possibly leave when your cat is looking at you like this?! We wouldn’t be able to! The big eyes, the slightly-opened mouth, the tail, the pinkish nose… it’s all too irresistible for us. We know it will start ignoring us after a few minutes, but it’s worth it!

Two Types of Cats

When they say there are two types of cats, we can’t help but agree wholeheartedly. If you have more than one cat, or you had cats before the one you own now, you will understand what the artist is talking about.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

There is the distinguished, poised, elegant kind, and then, there is the devilish kind—the one that loves food more than life itself. They make a mess, and after a few hours, they are hungry again and beg for food like there’s no tomorrow…

Staring Contest

When cats get fixated on something, it is over for all of us. We could dance around it dressed as a tuna fish smelling of cat nip, but they wouldn’t care. They will stare down this fly on the wall for the whole of eternity.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

There is not a single thought behind those green eyes other than that fly. Also, these two cats are our two last brain cells standing still because they can feel a thought coming, and they don’t want to intercept it. Hilarious.

Guess She Forgot

There are certain areas that cats are not allowed to go in. It is usually the kitchen because they love climbing on the kitchen counters, stove, and sink, leaving hairs everywhere, and possibly breaking something. It could be the bathroom because:

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Toilet paper is something cats love to devour, destroy, shred and play with. However, people don’t like cleaning that up. Therefore, closing the bathroom door is a must in all households. Guess this unfortunate lady forgot to close the door.

Accidental Fright

There is nothing worse than accidentally hurting or scaring your pet. You can’t express your apologies enough for them to understand it. It’s heartbreaking, it’s tough, it’s unpleasant, and at the end of the day, the pet might avoid you until they forget about it.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

This lady is us when we do such a thing. We obviously love to treat our cats whenever we mess up unintentionally. Wet food, snacks, treats, adventure around the house—anything to make them like us again! We will do anything!


Sometimes we think that foxes are a perfect mix between a dog and a cat. Or rather, cats and dogs both resemble foxes in some shape or form. We don’t know how to explain it better than showing you this scene Lingvistov drew:

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

There is nothing quite as cute as a cat pretending to hunt something. They look so goofy and silly while being super serious about something that might just be your hand or your shoelace. We just love those kooky felines.

Guess We’re Sharing After All

Cats have trouble understanding what they can and can’t do. But you already know that by now. They love testing your limits and seeing how far they can go before you lose your mind and ground them. Some people have no boundaries at all when it comes to their cats, though.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

They let their cats do what this one did: get close to their food, at least close enough to lick it. Guess they are sharing now. We are not supporting that kind of behavior, even if it comes from a cat. It’s not acceptable in our book!

I am a Leopard!

We already mentioned that cats love to imitate their bigger relatives, like lions, cheetahs, leopards, tigers, etc. However, cats mostly look cute and harmless. When they are not trying to intimidate anyone and just chill, that’s when similarities really come out.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

It’s even more adorable when you watch a video where a bigger cat (like the ones we mentioned before) acts exactly like a domestic cat. It’s super endearing. However, we are pretty sure the big cats are a tad more dangerous.

That Wasn’t Nice

Cats know certain words. Just like dogs, they recognize a few commands. The cats we know understand words like “treat,” “come here,” “where are you,” “hello,” and so on. These are just the basic words essential for everyday life as a cat.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

However, cats are also great at not understanding or pretending to not understand certain words and commands. Like: “stop,” “be quiet,” “go away,” “what are you doing there,” “quit it,” etc. They pretend as if they’ve never seen you before—bewildered and confused. Ugh.

Silly Human

We don’t know what’s worse, that this woman is so silly, or that she woke up two precious cat babies during their 5-hour afternoon nap. To be honest with you, we think the kitties deserved better! She needs to improve her manners.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Of course, we are putting this lady in the line of fire for nothing. It’s not like we haven’t done this exact thing before. However, we learned from our wrongdoings, and she shall too. No more loud music during kitty nap hour! Thank you very much.

Somebody’s Watching You

Why are cats the way that they are? Well, the answer is pretty simple because we, as people, are the way we are. They are just learning how to behave. Their behavior matches our behavior and actions. Nothing new here.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

This kitty saw the owner eating, and ever since then, it has not forgotten that he didn’t share a bite—not one. So, naturally, a cat will hold a grudge. You better give it a treat and a half after this, you oblivious, ignorant man.

Just a Baby

At the end of the day, cats are just babies. They need to be fed, taken care of, cuddled, played with, and nurtured. If not, they might break. Just kidding. Well, partially kidding. Cats are super dramatic, so maybe they’ll break to make a point. Who knows?

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

If they are not intended to be treated as babies, then why do they act like babies?! This proves our point. We love how the artist put only two simple pictures together but said so much about this woman’s personality and the level of love she has for this white, furry baby.


Sometimes we feel like we are just a mere convenience to the cats of this world. When you think of it, there is nothing wrong with that statement. The answer is simple if only one uses their head properly and carefully.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

When one sees this wonderful comic by Lingvistov, what else should one think of other than “I am just a convenience for my cat.” However, contrary to popular belief, we have nothing against being such a thing for our pets.

Brand New Toy Check

We love treating our favorite feline creature with a brand-new toy! It’s not only for their pleasure but for ours as well. This is what we imagine parents feel like when they treat their kids with something new and exciting.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

The only problem is the cat gets too excited and destroys the new toy in an instant. You don’t even have time to take your eyes off of it, and it’s gone. It’s now three toys: a mouse’s head, body, and tail. Three in one comb!


Sometimes we get jealous of other people and their cats. Their cats seem so much more welcoming and sweet, whereas we are here, stuck with tiny little demons that only love us when they need food or a little bit of playtime.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

We are glad that the artist portrays that in his webcomics. So nice of him to be inclusive and thoughtful. We feel better about our lives now. Tuxedo cats—wild, unstoppable, yet irreplaceable and adorable. What can we do? We apparently love toxic relationships.

Wink Wink

If you are still not sold on owning a ca after this long article, then we are pretty sure this next picture will be what convinces you. Trust us, it can be challenging at times, but it is so worth it! Look at this cutie!

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

Look at this distinguished gentleman or lady and the winky face! We are absolutely melting. We know cats have no idea what winking is in the human world; however, it’s fun to imagine they have an agenda and that there is a running joke between the two of you.

When You Thought Wrong

We will end this article with something so relatable to any cat owner that it is kind of painful. There is no bigger heartbreak than when you think your kitty wants to cuddle you, but it changes its course at the last moment.

Image Courtesy of Lingvistov / Instagram

He really thought the kitty was about to give him the warmest, best cuddles of his life. Oh, how wrong he was. It’s painful to watch. The cat just had other ulterior motives. Poor guy. We feel you, man. We know exactly how this feels. Stay strong, king!