Childhood Chronicles: 3 Things All Adults Have Done As Kids

By Kanyi M

Your childhood must have been awesome if you tried balancing the light switch between the on and off positions. Who else remembers when it was normal for kids to go to the playground, climb up to the monkey bars, and go upside down?

Nostalgia is the word for that feeling where we look back with rose-colored glasses to the good ol’ days. Here are a few of the things we did back then.

“Biting” our lips with our sister’s hair clips

There was something irresistible about those hair clips. They came in all shapes and sizes, adorned with glitter, flowers, and even cartoon characters. But for some reason, we just couldn’t resist putting them on our lips, noses, or ears.

Credit: Brightside

Many times we broke a few of those teeth on the clips. But what parent couldn’t truly understand our peculiar fascination with hair clips? Kids are curious and will keep themselves entertained with just about anything

Drinking soda by the cap

Those “tots” of soda were the ultimate treat for us as kids. We would eagerly wait for the weekend or special occasions when our parents would bring home a pack of soda bottles. But instead of reaching for a glass or drinking from the bottle, we had our own unique way of enjoying it – we would pour soda into the cap and drink from there.

Credit: Brightside

It was a cute way of enjoying our soda, oblivious of how our innocent childhood rituals would unwittingly parallel some adult behaviors. Little did we know that our “tots” of soda, resembling miniature shots, would inadvertently become the training ground for our future mixology adventures.

Balancing just about anything on our fingertips

Brooms, a tennis racket, curtain rods, and even a pencil. We had to balance those things if we wanted to impress our friends and show that we had some cool moves. Balancing stuff like that on our fingertips was funny.

Credit: Brightside

During some of those moments, we got a few giggles and even earned applause from bystanders. But as fun as it was, our balancing acts could get a little dangerous when accidents happened. Sometimes the curtain rod fell and hit us hard on the head.

Fortunately, all bumps and bruises were a small price to pay for impressing those around us with our balancing skills.