40+ Cartoon Truths About Married Life

By Louise P

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

No two marriages are exactly the same, but there is certainly some common ground that most couples experience that we can all relate to. It’s refreshing to see other couples struggle through the same trivial matters as you, and this can bring you some hope knowing you are not alone in your efforts. Yehuda Devir is an artist from Israel, and he has taken it upon himself to create comic renditions of all the trials and tribulations he and his wife, Maya, face in their daily interactions with each other. The comics follow the pair from their “young love” phase through to trying for a baby and, eventually, parenthood. Have a look at which scenarios you and your significant other can relate to.

The Human Backpack

Aaaa, the honeymoon phase. Isn’t it just the best? You simply cannot get enough of each other and practically become joined at the hip! Mornings in bed together are just the most amazing ways to start your days, and you never want them to end. Until…

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Duty Calls! Why do we have to work!? Is a utopian society where we all get paid to laze around all day too much to ask for? Ok, we will meet you halfway, 4 day weekends? That gives us 2 days to do stuff and 2 days to just laze around in bed together.

The Shy Guy

It’s easy sometimes to forget that dudes have self-esteem issues too. To you, your hubby might be an Adonis but remember, he might need a boost every now and then too! So just because you feel fab doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel a bit drab sometimes.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The beach is probably the WORST place to be if you are feeling a bit down about yourself. So, look out for some warning signs and try to encourage your man! After all, you only have eyes for him, so don’t be afraid to let him know that.

The Messy Girl

There are all kinds of stereotypes doing the rounds, and girls being neat and tidy is one that needs a bit of updating. There is no more such a thing as a 50s housewife, and thank goodness for that! But there has to be a little compromise…

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Doing the dishes is in the top 3 worst household chores around, but if you use it, you clean it! Leaving stacks of dirty dishes around will guarantee that tempers will flare in no time. An easy solution is to clean as you go, so when your lunch is ready, you can enjoy it with some peace of mind.

The Trickster

Couples who laugh together stay together. But when it comes to body image and weight gain, it is no laughing matter! Guys, your lady might look just perfect to you, but an extra pound or two might be devastating to her, especially if she has been working hard to try to lose weight.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Instead, encourage and support her and help her understand that she is beautiful no matter what. And ladies, listen up, there are worse things you can be than fat. Don’t let these issues come between you and the man you love!

The Nutella Nut

If your goals and hobbies don’t align with your partners, it is not a train smash. But the worst thing you can do is to harbor animosity because of it. One might enjoy fitness while the other is more of a bookworm, and that is totally fine!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Just don’t push each other too hard to commit to something the other does not enjoy. Or try to find a middle ground, instead of slaving away on the elliptical, rather take a hike together! Fitness + quality time, it’s a win-win.

The Angry Sleepers

Our parents used to preach to us: “Never go to bed angry,” and we never knew how true this would be. But sometimes, it is just inevitable. It is still important to reinforce your love for each other, despite the anger that might be on the surface right now.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Make sure to address the issue again in the morning once everyone has cooled off. Just don’t sweep it under the rug either! All the small arguments will eventually catch up to you if you can’t put them behind you.

The Thoughtful Guy

The longer your relationship continues, the more dates there are to remember: wedding, first date, the day we met, the day we moved in together, and the list goes on. Unless you are Rainman, it is understandable that you might forget one here and there or get them mixed up.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The intelligent thing to do is to set calendar reminders. It is also important that both parties agree on how much weight each day carries. Who knows, both of you might decide that you don’t necessarily need to celebrate the first time you farted in front of each other!

The Shedder

They say only two things in life are certain, death and taxes. False. Shedding half your hair each day is another constant ladies deal with. Often it is a great source of embarrassment! We can’t even wear our nice new white coat without looking like we wrestled with a dust bunny.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

So, men, please let this one slide. No need to mumble about it under your breath. We know it isn’t good, and believe us, if we could help it, we would. See it as us marking our territory if you must.

The Grey Hair Chronicles

Beauty has such double standards. Girls are expected to color, cut, and primp their hair till the cows come home, just in case a grey hair shows up. Because heaven forbid we show our age! Men, on the other hand…

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

When those sneaky grays start making their presence known, it simply amps up your hotness level by 4000 points! You go from young stud to silver fox, and no one bats an eye. Let’s just agree grey is the new 30, and we can all age naturally together.

The Other Double Standard

One of the most hypocritical things in the male-female balance is weight gain. Men can add a few pounds around their middle, and it is no biggie. Tight shirts and pants just become a fashion choice and not a body issue.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Ladies, on the other hand… Don’t dare expand an inch and your body becomes the talk of the town; everyone gets to have an opinion. Rather appreciate each other, no matter your size, instead of trying to fight this battle alone.

The TV Cheater

Given the little time couples have to spend together these days, watching TV together has become somewhat of a religious event. But the temptations of Netflix are ever-present, and having a whole series available at your fingertips is a devilish desire!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

It takes willpower of steel to keep the TV at bay after a serious cliffhanger the previous night. So, it is understandable if one partner gets enraged if you are caught cheating (with a TV show, that is). You take all the time you need, sir; your lady is in the wrong.

The Proposal

When two become one, they are unstoppable. This picture is a great illustration of the amount of energy and emotion coursing through your veins when it is time to pop the question. The pressure is ON because you only get one chance to get it right.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Do guys ever think about what they will do if their lady says “no”? Maya has obviously had her answer ready for a long time and couldn’t wait for him to drop down onto one knee. The best is to keep your proposal small and intimate, just managing expectations for the future.

The Diet Phase

At least once a year (usually around January 1st), someone in a relationship decides it is time to get healthy. Whether that means diet or exercise, it is rarely a balanced occurrence. ALL the bad food must go, every waking moment must be spent on fitness, and there is no place for relapsing.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Why not try a more stable approach next time? Leave a little treat for the weekends, perhaps? Also, don’t force your significant other into your mad ways along with you. They can cheer you on from the sidelines without going full fitness-crazy.

The Morning Face

Once the honeymoon phase is over, you can forget about your girl sneaking off before you wake up to compose herself. Who looks like a movie star when they wake up anyway? We are real girls with real morning breath.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

That being said, what is the secret to looking as good as guys do in the morning? It all looks so effortless!? But be warned, my friend, once you put a ring on it, you can forget about waking up next to the Mona Lisa every morning.

The Apologies

Every relationship goes through some rough patches, and some of them seem much darker than others. It seems like it is a hole you will never be able to get out of. Whether something was said or done, it all seems like too much to handle or resolve.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

At the end of the day, nothing helps quite as much as a heartfelt and sincere apology. “I’m sorry” is perhaps all your partner needs to hear. That and a little time. If you can climb one hurdle at a time, you will come out on the other side stronger and smarter.

The Secret Eater

Do you pick your nose when no one is looking? Perhaps you leave the toilet seat up. Yehuda is a bit of a secret eater, it seems. And his boo has discovered his dirty little secret. But don’t feel ashamed! Everyone has done it at some point or another.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Moving in with someone means you have to kick your bachelor habits and be very aware and conscientious about your new living partner. That means no more snacking right out of the fridge. You will have to start using a plate, just like the rest of us, buddy!  

The Broody Bunch

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the drooling wife who longs for the baby in a golden carriage. Once a woman starts getting broody, there is no turning back, and you better give her a baby, pronto!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This is the next logical big step for a couple, and this wifey seems ready to jump in headfirst. At least this guy seems quite content with his wife’s obsession. He better be because he is in for one hell of a ride.

The Game-Plan

Conceiving isn’t as easy as the movies make it look. And as women get older their window for actually getting pregnant gets smaller and smaller. So, when a couple decides the time is now, they better have a strategy in mind.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This couple looks like they have it sorted. Charts and militant discipline will serve them well. This is super relatable, and many couples have cracked under this kind of pressure. Now the trick is to keep it fun while having such a big goal in mind!

The Bed Marathon

You have had the talk, you have your strategy ready, and now it is time to set the wheels in motion. It’s baby-making time! But this might not be as easy or fun as you might think. You didn’t realize it will be like training for a marathon!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This poor guy is sending signals: “HELP!”. And his girl looks more than happy to go again, and again, and again…Have some mercy, woman! Maybe it is time to call it a night and try again in the morning. Save your strength!

The Baby-Making Cookbook

When it is baby-making time, women can go a bit overboard with all the lotions and potions that will supposedly aid in this process. But how much of it is actually just old wives’ tales? We guess we will never really know.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

And men, take our word for it, don’t ask too many questions. If you want to see your lady mad, you tell her that her hair-brain scheme won’t work. It might just be a placebo, but it will keep her happy, and that’s all that matters!

The Red Moon

Aunt Flo, Moon Time, the Crimson Tide… A period by any other name would still suck just as much. And apart from the mood swings, pain, and discomfort, the biggest letdown is that she brings the news that your womb is still barren.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

For a couple trying to conceive a period is a pretty big bummer. It means another month has come and gone where you have not succeeded in your mission. Well, you know what they say, if at first, you don’t succeed, get back in the saddle!

The Man Flu

If there is one thing that can get your big burly man down, it is a bout of the man flu. What might seem like a simple cold to the untrained eye is, in actual fact, a highly dangerous, painful, and toxic infection with a near 100% mortality rate. (In his mind anyway)

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

So, ladies, give your man a cold compress, make him some soup, and rub his back. Because next week when you need a foot rub, you can remind him of this day. Again, and again, and again. Till next winter comes along, and you get some new ammunition.

The Big News

There are a couple of days in your journey together that you cannot do over and will remember forever. The day you have succeeded in operation “Make Baby” is one of those special moments that you will want to hold on to.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

It is the day your life changes forever. From now on, there is no more alone time, no more romantic getaways, no more sleeping in on Saturdays, and no more nights out at the club. “O no, what have we done…”

The Over-protector

First-time parents can be especially neurotic during the pregnancy stages. Don’t eat this, don’t touch that, don’t stand there, don’t sit like that… This can be incredibly frustrating for the expectant mother, especially considering she is a full-grown human that has survived this long.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

It is kind of sweet, though. Her husband is breaking his back to help her out and make this journey as comfortable for her as possible. But perhaps back off a little sometimes and give your lady space to be somewhat independent.

The Hormone Stage

Pregnancy hormones wreak all kinds of havoc on a women’s body. That “glow” people are always on about is probably from all the oil on your skin or all the foundation you need to use to cover up your newly developed pimple colony!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This poor guy obviously only knows how to deal with stress by making jokes. It is a natural reaction and often works, but when your wife has raging hormones coursing through her veins, this might not be the best time for a joke!

The Big Bump Stage

A woman’s baby bump is one of her proudest stages in life. She is making a human! People are always touching and grabbing her belly, and this might be unwarranted. But there is always one person that can touch and feel as much as they want, your hubby.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This is such a sweet and tender moment that the artist has captured. In many ways, we much prefer this kind of keepsake to a tacky “pregnancy shoot” that can be quite cliché a lot of the time. Just one question, did he put lipstick on, or are the kisses figurative?

The Big Boob Stage

This is arguably many guys’ favorite part of the pregnancy cycle. Sorry, sir, they will belong to someone else soon enough! It is truly a magical process that a woman goes through during pregnancy, and all the changes in her body are met with great excitement.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This one, in particular, is one to look forward to if you usually are a flat-chested individual. The look on the artist’s face is classic! He is absolutely hypnotized by his wife’s growing…assets. Funny how something so natural can become so spellbinding when looking through the eyes of a man!

The First Kick

This is one of the big milestones moments during pregnancy. Feeling your baby kick for the first time can come as quite a shock at first (and even after that)! But when that moment hits, nobody dares move a muscle.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

You need complete focus and attention for this big moment. The poor artist looks frightened for his life when his wife exclaims, “nobody move”. Those apples better not hit the floor and disturb this epic moment! Even her stuffed toy knows its place.

The Sleepless Nights

In the later stages of pregnancy, your belly becomes disproportionate, and sleeping well is a thing of the past. Women spend countless nights tossing and turning, trying to find the most comfortable (or rather, least uncomfortable) position to get some rest.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Pregnancy pillows are the way to go, but when you have a big burly husband, he could also suffice. He just might not be too happy about it. The artist seems to be biting his lip to help his wife get some much-needed rest. Good on you!

The Bathroom Battle

Aaaah, pregnancy, a true miracle of nature. Unless you are on the carrying side and your bladder has started working overtime! Then you just want it over with and your body to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

To make it worse, you struggle to even walk to the bathroom fast enough! So, whoever is in there before you should know, make haste! When the pregnant fairy needs the bathroom, she has the right of way no matter what you are busy with in there.

The Home Stretch

You have almost made it; month 9 is upon you! By now, you should be tired, bloated, struggling to walk, and too big to tie your own shoes. And the baby isn’t even there yet! You have about 18 more years of these struggles left.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This husband knows, now you help where you can, and you do it with a smile. Don’t make your lady any more aware of her size than she already is, or be ready to suffer the consequences. If that means putting on her shoes for her, that’s what you do.

The Big Day

The moment you have all been waiting for, delivery day! No matter how prepared you might think you are, it never seems to be enough, especially when your water breaks without warning. Luckily that is not always the case; most women get some warning.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

But suddenly you can’t think straight! What is essential and what is not? How do we get to the hospital? WHAT IS A HOSPITAL!!! It is all too much. The poor artist is trying his best to calm his lady down, but that level of panic is sure to rub off at some point.

The Delivery Room

Most women will agree, this is one of the scariest moments of your life. You cannot fathom the amount of pain that is about to come your way, you don’t know if you or the baby will be ok, and you know your life is about to change forever.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

All the while, her man is just grinning from ear to ear, not really fully comprehending the magnitude of the situation. But we can forgive you; it’s not like you have been creating life inside you for the past 9 months…

The Miracle

Newborn babies are simply the best. Those first couple of days are absolute heaven (most of the time). Their cry isn’t too loud, and they don’t eat too much. They basically sleep and look cute, with the occasional poop in between.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Parents are going to want to soak up every second of their baby’s existence. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet, and every sigh, poop, and yawn will be witnessed and ogled over. But that’s ok; you guys worked hard to get this far!

The Bonding

Once baby is home, and everyone is settled in, the oooh-ing and aaaah-ing won’t stop for a good while. Your baby is the most beautiful thing on this planet, no, the entire universe, and no one can convince you otherwise.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Skin-on-skin contact between mother and baby is also so important. And we love that the artist has drawn his beautiful baby mamma in all her natural glory, stretch marks and all. They make her all the more beautiful and tell a brave story.

The Exhaustion

Once the newness of it all has worn off, and Baby has discovered she has a voice, things take a turn for the worst. The pajama drill never ends, and the baby suddenly becomes a fountain of unspeakable and never-ending bodily fluids.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

These two look absolutely shattered! To think a tiny human can do this to two full-grown adults, now that’s what we call power. Hang in there, guys; it doesn’t last long! Only another 5 years or so… Plus another 13…

The Doubts

Like other relationships, Parenthood is also full of ups and downs, and no one ever really knows if they are doing it right. No amount of parenting books or advice columns can prepare you for the astronomical amount of self-doubt you will feel along the way.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

But the best thing you can do is to open up about your unsure feelings and support your partner who is feeling down. Reinforce the fact that nobody actually knows how to do this parenting thing. It is ok to wing it sometimes!

The Separation

The first few weeks and months of a baby’s life usually consist of non-stop bonding between parent and child. There is barely a second of alone time to be had. But the day has to come when mother and Baby must part ways, even for just a couple of hours.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Nothing can prepare you for the heartache that is to follow. You think that all you want is a little peace and quiet, but when it comes, you will give anything to bring the baby back! Don’t worry, though; it’s just a babysitter! She is not taking your baby forever! There will be screaming and pooping back home in no time.

The Lockdown

21st Century parents never expected to be raising babies during a pandemic. Strange times were had by all. Everyone got to see way more of each other than necessary, but it was also a time for families to get back to the basics.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

But as the days dragged on into weeks and months, boredom took over, and cabin fever set in. Their faces say it all: “get us out of here!”. Baby is also blissfully unaware of the utter chaos that is going on outside the safety of her home.

The Interruption

Once baby nr.1 is nice and settled, and your family has a routine going, it might just be time to think about baby nr.2. You have the drills down, and you know how this rodeo goes, but there is just one problem.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

It is a 25pound screaming problem that interrupts every time you and the missus want to get down to it. You will have to be quick about it because nothing is quite the mood killer or contraceptive like a crying baby!

The Hideout

A mother’s job is never done. Many men just assume that mom can actually speak baby, and she is the only one that knows exactly what the little darling needs. Contrary to popular belief, this is actually not the case.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Mommy is just as tired and confused as Daddy, and by the looks of it, Mommy needs a chardonnay. We say, trial and error, men. You need to learn some independence at some point and let your lady rest for a change.

The Errand Boy

Speaking of independence… This way of thinking stretches beyond the 4 walls of your house and should be implemented on a regular. Women can multi-task, yes, but sometimes they need to delegate a bit. But delegating also means, don’t bother them with inconsequential details!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Three words: Figure…It…Out. We love that he is being considerate and does not want to disappoint her, but some things are just too minor to run by your wife. And by the look on her face, this isn’t the first call she has received from the supermarket either.

The Fight

The battle of the sexes takes on a new meaning when it comes to parenting. A constant tug of war of “who knows best” and “who said what.” The to-and-fro is relentless. Each partner thinks that their opinion is the most valid.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

But at the end of the day, you are in this together, and you need to be a united front. And most importantly, never fight in front of the kids! From the look on the little one’s face, it is clear that she is not comfortable with this confrontation.

The Next Phase

Despite all the interruptions and pressures of keeping your baby alive, these two were able to make their family bigger once more! Dad looks like he couldn’t be prouder; his eyes are even welling up. And the little one looks truly mystified.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

If these two think their lives have changed drastically once, then they are in for a whole other surprise. Everything as they know it is about to turn on its head once more. Mo’ babies, ‘mo problems, we always say!

The Truth

The sad truth about life today is that we are all tethered to technology, and physical and emotional relationships often take a back seat. Intangible interaction seems more convenient as it is right at our fingertips. That is life in the time of Facebook for you.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The sad part is, neither of them looks particularly happy about their lack of interaction. Relationships are hard work, and this work, unfortunately, doesn’t have regular business hours. You need to make an effort all the time, so put down your phone and “like” each other for a change!