Cyanide and Happiness Throwing More Light On Dark Social Issues Using Comics

By Stephen M

We hardly talk about particular topics in the public domain due to perceived sensitivity. What about talking about all these issues humorously; won’t it reduce the so-called darkness surrounding them? This is just what Cyanide and Happiness creators are doing with their graphic stick comics.

Source: cyanideandhappiness /Instagram

Cyanide and Happiness is one of the most consistent and humorous webcomics to exist. It addresses various dark and surreal subjects hardly talked about. The fan comics have no taste boundaries. The creators present the graphics in a humorous way possible to make even the most serious matter look lighter.

How it Begun

Cyanide and Happiness was started in 2005 by four cartoonists, Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick, and Matt Melvin. It has had several other contributors who also provide comic and animated shorts throughout the years. Contents are published on and on Instagram at cyanideandhappiness. The contents comprise fan comics and animated shorts addressing diverse subjects. With various topics treated, you can’t help but to laugh your heart out.

Kris is the brain behind the style of C&H. Matt Melvin left the team in 2014.

Source: cyanideandhappiness /Instagram

The webcomic uses graphic stick figures for both the animations and fan comics in presenting ideas. The concept above graphics addresses using technology or going the contemporary way when reading a book. The funny thing is that the one using Kindle felt it was better that way until an announcement that all electronic gadgets must be turned off.

As of 2012, C&H had over a million views monthly and keeps growing. With over 4500 Instagram followers, it looks like the sky is only the limit. Aside from graphic comics and animations, the animated TV show Cyanide & Happiness Show had four seasons. Other spinoffs include two tabletop games and two video games.