Artist Imagines What Beloved Superheros Do When They Aren’t Busy Saving The Day

By Aakash M

If you’re anything like us, you might be wondering what the Justice League and the Avengers are doing right at this very moment. Well, brace yourself because you might be in for a treat. Today, we present to you Lucas Nascimento, who is also known as Dragonarte. This guy makes entertaining illustrations that are about the daily lives of superheroes and the hilarious situations that they could be facing. What’s great is that this superbly talented artist is also excellent at creating clever strips. These strips are short stories without any dialogue, and they have popular characters in them so that people from every part of the world would understand what’s happening. Also, he doesn’t mind mixing up different worlds, so, for those who wanted to see DC vs. Marvel, here you go!

All images in this article are courtesy of dragonartebr.official on Instagram.

Saving the world

What a way to start things off! Here is a comic that contains three of the most famous superheroes. Two are from DC, and one is from Marvel. Nonetheless, do you think something like this would happen if they were all together?

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Well, Batman is coming to the rescue first, with Superman and Spiderman following after him. The DC heroes are bolting out of the inferno carrying citizens, while Spiderman is bringing something very different with him. It’s hard to judge him, though. Growing boys eat a lot.

Well that was unexpected

We’d think that Wolverine would get a lot of use out of those claws. They’re virtually indestructible and conveniently retract into his hands when not in use. But, apparently, he doesn’t always feel like using them to their full potential.

This comic shows the other part of them that’s useful: he can use them as extra-long “fingers.” We don’t exactly blame Logan for not using his claws to open cans. They must be complicated to clean if he gets food on them.

Karate class

Batman is so classy that sometimes we forget that he’s not technically a superhero. He’s just a normal human being with an unlimited amount of money, a cool butler, and keen detective skills. But, that’s not the case with Superman.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

You see, he’s not a rich guy using hi-tech equipment. He’s not even from Earth. His powers and invincibility are just part of who he is. So, if they ever took a karate class together, we would expect Batman to be way better than average and Superman to be destructively skilled.

Selfie time!

It’s honestly heartwarming to see Superman and Batman getting along so well together. While they may both be in the Justice League, we don’t often associate them as best friends. But when they’re not fighting crime, it looks like they get along just fine.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

They are busy saving the world every single day, so it’s nice to see them relaxing a little bit and taking a few selfies. Woah, wait. Shouldn’t they be over by the burning buildings and Godzilla! And maybe someone needs to explain to Superman that a selfie isn’t taken by someone else.


We don’t usually think about the regular grooming activities superheroes have to go through, like cutting their nails. It must hurt to punch if their fingernails are too long. And, of course, toenails, too. But how does the Man of Steel even do that?

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Apparently, Kryptonite is the answer to his grooming problems. Not enough to hurt, of course; just enough to break through the keratin. Though, maybe he should be a bit more careful with where his toenails end up. Hopefully, none of the passengers on the plane know that it was their hero that put them in danger.


Honestly, we don’t know why so many people have a problem with Aquaman. Sure, he might be limited to the water, but the Earth is 70% water, so that’s a pretty big domain. While he may not be rich or from another planet, he’s a king!

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

It’s a clever prank, but we can’t imagine the King of the Seven Seas being scared of a shark. Batman gets style points for still having his cape and cowl on, even underwater. Even Dory, Nemo, and Marlin seem to be having fun.

That’s my way!

Ah, the iconic upside-down kissing scene. This comic is hilarious, but we don’t think something like that would actually happen. Bruce Wayne is quite the charmer, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see him stealing someone else’s girl. But Spidey shouldn’t be too worried…

Sure Bruce Wayne is a playboy, but the Dark Knight most certainly is not. Batman is serious, intense, and focused. Well, there are sometimes he shows us a different side, but PDA is a bit too far-fetched. But, we still feel bad for dear Peter here.

Superhero Static Shock

If you’re anything like us, it’s almost impossible to read that superhero’s name without getting the Static Shock theme song stuck in your head. We absolutely love this fusion between DC and Pokemon. Pikachu may not have the metagene, but his electricity powers are more than enough for him to take up the mantle.

Wouldn’t Pikachu make the cutest superhero? Then again, Pikachu’s demeanor in the series doesn’t exactly scream “superhero,” at least, not with all the times he made Ash’s life miserable. But it’s fun to imagine him turning up to stop criminals while shouting Pikachu.

I got your back

Many women are attracted to Superman; all those muscles and perfect hair make them swoon. But those muscles come with a downside: no back-scratching. Apparently, an itch right in the center of his back is impossible to reach. Fortunately, his best friend Batman was there to help out.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

And, in the typical Batman fashion, he used a tool to get the job done. While we wouldn’t think that a chainsaw would work as a backscratcher, it gets the job done if you’re an indestructible Kryptonian. Just look at the relief on Superman’s face.

Let Sub-Zero Go

Supposedly, when Frozen was first being written, Elsa was the villain. This comes as no surprise since the movie is based on The Snow Queen. Now we all know her as the kind, magical heroine of the story, but we can’t help but wonder what she would be like as a villain.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Apparently, Sub-Zero found a kindred spirit in the character and had some fun cosplaying as Elsa. Maybe in some alternate universe, the two are related. Too bad Scorpion came in and ruined Sub-Zero’s fun dress-up time. We think he looked fantastic!

The Dark Prankster

Aquaman isn’t Batman’s only victim in this comic series. He seems to take pleasure in messing with all of the members of the Justice League. It might be hard to get one up on the Man of Steel, but Batman got creative and used his own powers against him.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Surely Superman has to be careful about collateral damage. His super strength and heat vision alone are lethal to most humans. Batman was smart about this one and took cover behind some containers from the Umbrella Corporation (we love that easter egg!) to safely watch his prank unfold.

Daily problems

Depending on the source, Spiderman sometimes has natural webs, but most of the time, he relies on web-shooters. One of his natural abilities is his ability to stick to objects. While this may come in handy for climbing on walls, it isn’t as practical in his day-to-day life.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

With great powers comes great responsibility, and also, great problems. Even when he’s out and about as Spiderman, Peter Parker still has a non-superhero life, so it’s understandable if he feels the need to check his phone. But those sticky fingers can apparently cause a bit of an issue with touch screens…

What a pity

This joke is a classic, but we love it all the same. If you don’t know why we find this so funny, Stormtroopers have notoriously bad aim. It’s so bad, in fact, that people claim that they can never hit a target.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Their poor aim isn’t just on the battlefield; Stormtroopers seem to struggle even when taking care of their…business, too. We’re sure that all the Star Wars fans must be having a great laugh here. We do have one question though: why is Batman outside the window?

Safety First

Ever since the beginning of 2020, masks have become an essential part of our daily lives. Superheroes are all about saving lives, and so they were probably the first ones to wear masks. But what about those who don’t have ears for the masks to hook on to?

For shapeshifters like Martian Manhunter, the solution is easy. We love the creativity with this one, but those little hands are a bit creepy. Why couldn’t he just make regular ears? Hopefully, M’gann went with something more normal-looking than this.


Do you remember the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where Squidward transformed into a handsome version of himself? This comic is just Superman styling his hair, but in the end, he does kind of look like Squidward, right? Either way, let’s just agree on the fact that Superman is undeniably handsome.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

We have never really understood that little strand of curled hair that rests on his forehead. But, it has become an integral part of his look, and honestly, we couldn’t think of anything that would suit him better. Can you?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Remember the Stormtrooper with bathroom troubles? Well, their problems don’t end there. We don’t know why Batman is even fighting Stormtroopers in the first place. Are they in Gotham, or is he on the Death Star? Either way, it wouldn’t be a very interesting battle, would it?

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Batman is always at the ready and alert in case he nights to fight. At the first sign of trouble, he took a defensive stance and prepared to fling some Baterangs…but that isn’t necessary with Stormtroopers. We can’t stop laughing at Batman’s decision to play video games instead of fighting.

Game over?

If we had to name one weapon we associate with Batman, it would have to be his Batarangs. Those sharp bat-shaped shurikens are no joke, and he throws them with such efficiency villains often have their weapons knocked from their hands. But not this time…

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

We can’t understand why Batman just gave up. He has plenty of other weapons in his utility belt, and he probably has a kevlar vest under his costume. Still, it must be scary when your first line of defense is shot down. Perhaps, it’s time to call Superman. Ah. There’s the signal.

In a jam

Now that’s a collaboration everybody wants to see, but nobody gets to see. We’ve seen Superman and Batman, and we’ve also seen Superman, Batman, and Spiderman in these comics. But, we know you all wanted Antman to join the party as well.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

It may not be the flashiest entrance, but it’s arguably the funniest. That tiny shred of toilet paper may be enough for him when he’s in his suit, but Superman needs more than a scrap. The air freshener is a nice sentiment but it probably won’t get very far with such a small can.

The beginning

First, let us say that baby Clark Kent is adorable. We can’t really get over how cute this picture is. It seems like one of these shuttles is headed to Smallville, while the other one is on its way to Mount Paozu.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Superman and Goku are the favorite superheroes of countless people! So we’re sure many people would enjoy this comic. It’s just a cute, wholesome crossover of two adorable toddlers heading off to their new foster homes. This picture makes us wonder what would happen if they had landed in the same spot.

Time to run

For some reason, Batman and Superman are playing darts…with a Batarang! Great choice, guys, Let’s not use darts. Let’s throw something that could kill people, and let’s give it to one of the strongest people on Earth. Well, the result isn’t very surprising.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

We’re sure Superman didn’t mean to mess up the outhouse. Batman is, as always, stoic but we’re sure he is fuming inside at Superman’s natural talent. The Flash doesn’t seem to be amused, either. These are the kind of shenanigans they would never show in the comics.

Costume Repair

In comics, movies, and TV shows, we see our favorite superheroes throwing punches and putting bad guys in jail. But with all that movement and weapons flying around, their costumes are sure to get torn at some point. For wealthy characters like Batman, replacing a suit must be super easy.

Peter Parker isn’t as fortunate. He has only one costume and needs to take good care of it. We saw a glimpse of this struggle in Spiderman: No Way Home and what a hassle it is to have to repair his suit. Who knew that Spiderman would need to be an expert sewer, too?

Oh God, it’s him

Venom is one of Spiderman’s greatest foes. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, Venom is an alien that merges with its host, giving them incredible powers. It might sound cool, but symbiotes are no joke. That’s why Spiderman is freaking out.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

It looks like he was worried for nothing. At first, we were sure it was Venom seeking to merge with Peter, but it was just an oil spill. The cleanup crew looks as confused as Spiderman looks embarrassed. We can’t blame him for worrying, though.

An amazing collaboration

If we’re being honest, our first thought at seeing this picture was, “what is Shin Chan doing here with baby Spiderman?” Hopefully, we weren’t the only ones thinking this. We know now that it’s Plasticman, the flexible superhero from DC comics.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Plasticman isn’t just a hero for civilians, but superheroes as well. His shape-shifting into a kite certainly brightened Spiderman’s day. What a brilliant idea, Spidey. And Plasticman looks to be having just as much fun, too. We love our chibi superheroes, don’t you?

Make way

We’re so jealous of Superman in this comic. Yes, we know that clouds are just air and water, but they look so fluffy we can’t help but imagine what it must feel like to sleep up in the clouds. We’d like to experience it just once.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Superman probably takes naps in the clouds to get away from it all, but it looks like Batman isn’t going to let him take a break. Our biggest question with this one is how Superman got the milk carton and pillow to float alongside him.

Help him

If we’re being honest, we feel bad for Wylie. We really do. Come on, that guy just needs some food! Look at his sad face. According to this comic, we’re not the only ones; Superman won’t let anyone fall. Not even Wylie.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

We never thought we’d ask this, but who do you think would win: Roadrunner or Superman? It looks like Wylie’s bad luck wins out over Superman’s strength and skills. Poor Wylie just can’t catch a break, even when a superhero comes to save him.

Guess Who?

We’re surprised that we haven’t seen Deadpool yet on this list. Maybe that’s because he’s goofy in the comics and movies, so there’s no room to wonder what he gets up to in his spare time. This comic seems like the exact thing Deadpool would do, don’t you think?

For those of you who don’t know, Daredevil is blind. So…you can see where we’re going with this, right? To be fair to Matt, he could probably tell it’s Wade by any of his other senses. Deadpool is the one being made fun of in this scenario.


When you live with others, it’s important to respect each other’s stuff. If someone is very picky about their food, they might choose to label it. No matter how close you are, you should always ask before eating what isn’t yours. Superman learned this lesson the hard way…

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

To be fair to Batman, this prank wasn’t even his idea. Plasticman decided to have some fun with this one. But Batman isn’t entirely innocent either as we can see him lounging nearby and humming to himself as Superman suffers from Kryptonite exposure.

You sneeze, you lose

Superman has many extraordinary abilities, and he uses them responsibly. With that much power, it’d be hard not to make a mess, especially while learning how to control them. That’s why he’s Superman, and we’re not. Hopefully, there weren’t too many mishaps while he was growing up…

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Getting a cold must be terrible for Superman. His sneezes can level buildings! And if he was going out and about as Clark Kent, it would put his secret identity at risk. No normal human would have sneezes that powerful. Fortunately, he could fly fast enough to catch Lois before she fell.


One of the biggest questions of the superhero world is: Who would win, Batman or Superman? Fans of either hero will have a solid argument for either side, and we don’t have a clear answer as they are usually fighting alongside each other rather than against.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Superman is virtually invisible and unstoppable, so Batman would have to get creative if he was in a real fight. Using Kryptonite feels like cheating, but we’re sure that Bruce didn’t lose any sleep over pulling a trick like that.

Just strange

There are dozens if not hundreds of superheroes across all the comic universes, and only a handful of them are widely known. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are learning about superheroes that aren’t in the top 10 (such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Iron Man). We’re happy to see a comic of Doctor Strange on this list.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Doctor Strange is a responsible superhero, but we’re sure even he isn’t immune to taking shortcuts. This one may be disgusting but it’s also kind of hilarious. We can’t imagine Benedict Cumberbatch doing this in the movies, though. He’s way too poised for that.

Let’s Go Sledding

If you lived in a snowy area as a kid, then you surely would have had a favorite sled. Ours was the plastic saucer dish. It always got the right amount of speed and it handled well when we tried to move or jump. Well, apparently Peter Parker agrees with us…

We would love to get a chance to go sledding on Captain America’s shield. Spiderman should have at least asked permission first, don’t you think? We can’t help but notice Batman skiing in the background. He seems to love showing up in the background of everyone’s lives.

Wrong guy for the job

It’s high time that Superman starts controlling his strength. As mentioned earlier, one punch from that guy is enough to send a person into a different world. That kind of strength is also fascinating to see on the big screen, isn’t it?

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

That’s kind of sad because instead of saving the world, the entire Justice League is up there floating in space. Look at Cyborg there! This is one stealth mission gone horribly wrong. And why are Rick and Morty just sitting there and not helping out?

Appreciation post

We talked about Superman’s muscles, but Juggernaut certainly puts him to shame. Though, we have to ask the comic creators why they chose his outfit to be shaped like that. Why is his helmet a dome? Well, Lucas Nascimento has a theory…

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Apparently, it’s the perfect place to hide his snacks. Even villains enjoy some McDonald’s every now and then. Woah, wait. Is that even McDonald’s? The M is upside-down. Does that make it WcDonald’s? One thing is for sure: he won’t be sharing his meal.

Fight going on

We love Lucas Nascimento’s creativity. He gives our favorite superheroes a fun twist, both in daily life and in their battles. Wolverine might have speed healing, but lasers still hurt. Fortunately, he has his fellow X-Men to back him up.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

We would never have thought of Cyclops as a laser gun, but here we are. Personally, we wouldn’t be so happy to be turned on our sides and used like an inanimate object, but he seems to be having fun with it. Here is our question. What is he using as a trigger in the fourth image?


In one of the comics earlier, we saw Batman try to disarm a villain by throwing his Batarang, only to have said villain flick it away like an annoying mosquito. Well, here’s take two on Batman’s shuriken skills. Sadly, things still don’t go his way.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

This shadowy figure has clearly been studying Batman’s fighting techniques. Guns are dangerous weapons, but this is probably the safest way to use them. Poor Batman, now losing twice to the same person. Hopefully, he doesn’t start carrying a gun in his utility belt now.

In another world

With each new Marvel superhero movie, we are left wondering where the new team was during The Snap. Thanos wiped the floor with our favorite heroes and was powering on, ready for more. Obviously, the Justice League gets a pass, but when we see crossover comics, we can’t help but wonder how things would have turned out with their help.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Infinity War and Endgame were emotional movies, so we’re torn between laughing and crying at this one. Did Thanos use the Infinity Stones to warp reality and turn Iron Man into an egg? RIP Tony Stark. Of course, we can’t let Batman go so easily. What does he plan on doing with the Infinity Gauntlet?


In the age of social media, we can’t blame our favorite superheroes for wanting to join in and post pictures of themselves saving the day or having fun with their friends. Superman seems to love this idea, and we can imagine him being a wholesome Instagrammer.

Batman, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same. We can feel the hatred coming from the Dark Knight in this photo. And his comment leaves no room for argument. And we love the comments from the other heroes. So cute!

Just a nightmare

This nightmarish comic is an example of what would happen if Captain America had the Ant-Man suit before he got trapped in ice. He may not have experienced the passage of time or had any awareness while frozen, but the thought of becoming a snack is just wrong.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Cap isn’t even at fault here. Batman is a world-famous detective; surely, he would notice if there was someone trapped in his food. Thankfully it was all just a dream. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the framed Bucky photo next to Captain America’s bed.

Powering up

No matter what your opinions are of Batman, you could at least probably agree that his backstory is tragic. And as he grew older, he turned his grief and tragedy into power. But what if it awoke some power in him?

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

To be honest, we’re not sure why Batman going super Saiyan would scare Vegeta so much. Is it because he doesn’t want to deal with another hero like Goku? Or is it jealousy? Whatever it is, we love Lucas’ attention to detail by having his Scouter on the bedside table.

Tripped and fell

Well, guys, here we are, at the end of this list. It has indeed been a hilarious journey that is ending on an even hilarious note, with a comic of Flash. You can see Flash running at his speed. Things seem to be going well.

Image Credits: Instagram/ dragonartebr.official

Well, they were going well until he tripped on a Dragon Ball. That’s what happens when an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object. This comic makes us wonder if the Flash spends most of his time looking down at his feet to make sure he doesn’t trip on anything.