The Realities Of Beach Life, From Sunscreen To Swim Caps

By Kanyi M

We all love the beach. It’s fun to swim, you can build sandcastles, and you can even do something as simple as spending the whole day relaxing in the sun. But let’s be real here. It’s not actually that great.

You should always keep in mind that going to the beach means you’ll get sand everywhere, and your body will feel sore and sweaty after a long day. We’ve all been there; we’ve all done that. And today, we’ll be looking at some relatable comics about things that we do at the beach.

Peeing in the water

Don’t we all know why the ocean is so salty? That’s because people have been peeing into it for decades.

Credit: Mike Hinson/Buzzfeed

This won’t stop soon as, even though most beaches now have bathrooms close by, we still choose the easier, faster method of peeing into the ocean.

Getting our hair wet

Swim caps are a convenient way to keep our hair dry. However, they are also really bad at keeping your hair dry.

Credit: Mike Hinson/Buzzfeed

You’ll need to start washing your hair after going in the water because caps are so bad at doing their job that you can’t pretty much soak your hair without getting it all wet.

Getting a “beach body” is no easy feat

Society has been telling us that the key to getting a beautiful body is eating healthy and working out. Oh, and also getting a tan every once in a while.

Credit: Loryn Brantz/Buzzfeed

That’s all fine and dandy, but who wants to eat salads, lift weights all year, and go to the tanning salon all year? We just want to relax and have fun. For most people, the “beach body” means a six-pack of beer, and that’s okay.