Three Social Comic Arts By Adam Ellis That Have The Internet Talking

By Stephen M

Artists such as Adam Ellis have recently become very popular among social media enthusiasts for their interesting comics. These artworks, among other things, address social issues and our everyday life issues in a fun but serious way. Adam utilizes world news and popular memes from across the globe for his impactful illustrations. The cartoonist also creates original comic series, which come in one-shot or in a story form.

Photo credit: adatots/Instagram

The New York-based illustrator formerly worked with Buzzfeed before quitting to concentrate on his own work. He has since become very popular thanks to his creative, funny, and relatable content. In 2018, he released Super Chill: A Year of Living Anxiously, a collection of autobiographical comics based on his life. His comics address social issues like struggling with self-esteem, and seasonal affective disorder, alongside some everyday trivial matters.

The artist welcomes his website visitors with this short message, “Greetings, loved ones. I am Adam Ellis and I draw comics while surrounded by magic crystals. I like cats and video games. I’m actually just three toddlers in a trench coat. Amazon wishlist available to hot dads upon request.”

Photo credit: adatots/Instagram

Growing up, Adam became highly obsessed with particular things. He loved building things, such as Legos. Subsequently, he began building villages with sticks and rocks in the woods, which he filled with snail shells and dead bugs, though he would later burn them down. Adam loves watching cult documentaries when free. He also dreams of having a big backyard that can contain many chickens.

Adam’s social media accounts keep growing in numbers due to two main factors. His works are relatable, and the willingness of his followers to share his creations. You can also follow him on Instagram at adamtots or on the website