Why Are These Comics Relatable To Every Dog Person?

By Kanyi M

In a way, dogs are therapists, pets, friends and family all in one. They have so many positive attributes that have the power to change our lives. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and inspiration to get over our problems, get out of bed and continue living.

Who better than a dog to provide this support? Dogs are always there for us, in good times and bad, and they don’t expect anything in return except for affection, love, and a treat or two here and there.

The comics below perfectly capture how dogs’ unconditional love can make us feel better about ourselves and inspire us to live life to the fullest. These comics provide the perfect remedy to ones that are unwell and make us feel better about ourselves.

Those puppy eyes

The Japanese have a word for just about anything. Zettai ryouiki is the name of the area of exposed skin between a skirt and thigh-high socks. It literally means “absolute territory.” They should give us a word for this thing where dogs give you a quick glance.

Credit: Adam Ellis

This cute comic perfectly captures your relationship with your dog; gazing into those puppy eyes is enough to make you melt, and no words are needed! As soon as you look into those eyes, you just want to snuggle them.

Dogs really do make us better people

It’s hard not to feel happy when a dog wags their tail at you; it makes you want to be more friendly and kindhearted towards everyone else in the world. We miss them when they’re not around and are happy to see them again when we return home. Dogs are never too busy to give you some love, show off their cute tricks, and make you feel better.

Credit: Nathan Pyle 

As this comic perfectly captures, dogs are truly man’s best friend. They always have your back and are there for you when you need them the most. They don’t judge us or interrupt us when we’re telling a story; they just sit there patiently and listen to everything we have to say.